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biUbe - European Self-Filtering Acrylic Cylinder Desktop Aquarium

The brand new BiUbe 9 gallon cylinder aquarium uses the unique BiOrb 5 stage filtration system. The BiUbe Aquarium comes with a full set of accessories, including a light unit, filtration system and detailed instructions on how to use this easy-to-maintain cold water aquarium. Heaters can be purchased with the aquarium if you're looking to keep tropical fish, just choose the relevant option in the drop-down menu. The BiUbe aquarium is 14 inches wide by 18.5 inches high and holds approximately 9 gallons of water.

This hassle-free aquarium has all the great features of the original BiOrbs, only it's a different shape!

BiUbe's unique filter design combines mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to keep the water healthy and clear. Maintenance is reduced thanks to the easy change filter system. The service kit contains a replacement filter cartridge, cleaning pad and water preparation chemicals; no need to buy boxes of filter media or bottles of chemicals.

biUbe comes complete with an air pump and set of instructions. All that the owner needs to add are water and fish - plus plants if desired! Lifetime warranty against leakage.






Simply Clean ... Clearly Stylish ...

Thousands of people own a biOrb Fish Tank... and here's why:

  • The bio orb comes with everything you need to start your aquarium in one box
  • The biorb & biUbe aquariums require less maintenance than most fish tanks
  • biOrb has a full range of easy to use accessories and replacement parts
  • The biOrb & biUbe are easy to use, & come with a comprehensive instruction guide
  • Their unique, aesthetic appeal – biorb tanks look great in homes or offices
  • The Acrylic is 17 times stronger and 4% clearer than glass
  • The biOrb's clever water flow allows for excellent aeration and enhanced filtration
  • The biOrb has 5 stages of filtration that keep the aquarium water crystal clear & biOrb fish healthy
  • The biOrb fish tank have a replaceable cartridge filter system that provides filtration and simple, clean maintenance


What is Unique about biOrb & biUbe Aquariums?

An excellent choice for beginners and advanced aquatic hobbyists alike

The biorb aquarium line began by combining the looks of a traditional fishbowl with the performance of a hi-tech aquarium, since the classic biorb was first created in 1999 and reached the U.S. a few years later.  Since that time Reef-One has created eight new aquariums that all integrate perfectly with the same filter system and accessories.  The different biorb lines are Classic biOrb Tanks, biUbe Aquariums, & biOrb Life Aquariums.

biOrb Design & Construction Highlights:

  • biOrb & Biube acrylic is clearer and ten times stronger than glass.
  • Five stages of filtration keep water in biorb tanks crystal clear and free of pollutants.
  • With tanks ranging from 4 gallons to 16 gallons, fish hobbyists can choose a tank that is right for their circumstances & for ethical fish care and treatment.
  • biOrb Fish Tanks can be used for both tropical (biorb heater kit available), coldwater, & marine fish (biorb marine conversion kit available)
  • They are perfect for novices & hobbyists, and are easily cleaned using the biorb siphon hose, and replacing the biorb service kit filters is as easy as a snap and twist.








Who owns a biOrb aquarium ?

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What our customers are saying ...

Acrylic Aquarium Sale:


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"They're not your typical, run-of-the-mill fish tanks...

... they are more like works of art."




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