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Acrylic Rectangular Aquarium

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Rectangular aquariums have always been the most popular and versatile shape available. Rectangular models can be placed against a wall, in a corner, or in the center of a room for 360 degree viewing. This shape is also commonly used for "in-wall" and room divider applications. Rectangular models are available as standard bare aquariums, or with overflows. Refer to the table and links below for individual model specifications and pricing. For extra large size rectangle aquariums click to view our Ultraquariums.

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For Economical Acrylic Aquariums we offer SeaClear Acrylics

20-90 gallon

100+ gallon

For High End Acrylic Aquariums we are proud to offer custom built fish tanks Aquariums Inc.

Made with thicker acrylic, hand polished, hand craftsmanship.




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