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Aquarium Maintenance Services in Novi, MI

Professional Aquarium Service can install or perform cleaning and maintenance on your aquarium, for businesses or residential settings

Servicing Novi, Michigan and surrounding areas


Sherwood International Marine

(248) 978-7170

Email Us 

Sherwood International Marine services the Novi and the Greater Metro Novi area. We are dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched. Service is available 24 hrs a day for emergencies and from 8am to 10pm, Monday- Friday by appointment.

Services Include:

Maintenance/Water Changes

15-20% Water Change
Reverse Osmosis Water
Phosphate Remover (Ferric Oxide)
Activated Carbon
Salt Mix
Filter Pads for Wet/Dry ONLY
Glass/Acrylic Scrub & Polish
Equipment Check
Small Problem Repairs
Water Testing


Feedings: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Vacation. (price may vary depending upon location and number of visits per day)

Overhaul: Tank is made to look new again. Rocks and coral skeleton are taken out, bleached and reset. Entire gravel is vacuumed. 30-75% water change. Overhaul is charged by the hour.* (price may vary depending upon location and quantity of rock/coral)

Relocation: Tank is completely taken down and moved within the household or can be moved across town. The tank is then set up at its new location.*

Tear Down: Tank is completely emptied and taken down. Equipment and tank are cleaned and stored or taken away, which ever is requested! Tear down is charged by the hour.* (price may be more or less depending on equipment, tank size, fish and type and/or size of decorations)


Sherwood International Marine

(248) 978-7170

Email Us 




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