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Aquarium Maintenance Services in Sterling Heights, MI

Professional Aquarium Service can install or perform cleaning and maintenance on your aquarium, for businesses or residential settings

Servicing Sterling Heights, Michigan and surrounding areas


AquaFX Aquarium Maintenance LLC

(586) 419-2815

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Aqua Fx LLC can provide the following services:
- New Aquarium Setups
- Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly Services
- Emergency Calls
- Aquarium Moves
- Leasing
Aqua Fx LLC maintenance service includes the following:
* Algae Removal- This includes removal from all four sides unless told otherwise. Decorations and fake corals and plants can be cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide solution at an additional cost.
* Water Change - Purified water and Reef Crystals Premium Synthetic Sea Salt are included in all of our saltwater service plans. A 25-35% water change will be performed. Additional costs for larger water changes.
* Filter Pad Change- Filter pads and carbon are included in the service price. Carbon helps to keep the water crystal clear and odors out.
* Water Testing- When deemed necessary we can test for Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, KH, pH, Calcium, and Phosphates.
**** New Customers**** Aqua Fx does require certain equipment to be running on aquarium to ensure a healthy tank and for you to get the most out of your aquarium. We cannot guarantee our work unless your aquarium equipment is up to our standards.
Aquarium Moving- Aqua Fx is able to deconstruct your aquarium, move it to your new house or just a different room, and reconstruct it without you having to lift a finger. Rates start at $300
Service Plans -
Weekly - This is great for commercial tanks in offices where there is alot of foot traffic and not much time for office managers to maintenance the tank. This allows the tank to look its best.
Bi-Weekly- This is great for all reef aquariums, larger aquariums, and commercial set-ups.
Monthly - This works well for people who enjoy maintaining their aquariums, but do not have the time or confidence to do the water changes.
Aqua Fx now offers aquarium leasing to commercial customers only.


AquaFX Aquarium Maintenance LLC

Call or Email Today

(586) 419-2815

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