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AI 24\" LED Light 2 modules w/controller
AI 24" LED Light 2 modules w/controller
  • Model: AI0003
  • Manufactured by: AquaIllumination


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  • Manufacturer: AquaIllumination
  • Dimensions: 12.0" x 12.4" x 2.4" (L x W x H)
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  • Item #: AI0001
  • LED light system complete with external controller, mounting legs, external power supply and active cooling system. Each 12" section consists of 24 LED lamps grouped into a bank of 8 lenses or pods each containing two 6500K Daylight LED lamps and one Blue LED lamp. Blue LED lamps peak at 460nm. Recommended Tank Width: up to 24". Recommended Tank Depth: up to 36" with carefully planned placement of corals. Power Consumption: up to 100W per 12". Warranty: 2 Year. (1 Year on Power Supply.)

    1. Intensity is adjustable from 0 to 100%.
    2. Color is adjustable from warm white (approximately 6500K) to deep blue (greater than 20000K).
    3. Two control settings: Automatic and Manual. In Automatic Mode the sun rises and falls at pre-determined times and the fixture automatically transitions into the corresponding moon cycle for the duration of the 24-hour period. In Manual Mode the light may be set to the desired intensity and color and turned on-off manually.
    4. Moon intensity automatically adjusts to follow the actual lunar cycle of ~29 day.
    5. Fixture is cooled by blowing air across heat sinks located above each bank of LED lamps preventing salt, moisture, dust and dirt from entering the fixture and harming the LED lamps and other internal components.
    6. 100V - 240V Universal Power Supply allows fixture to be used on a wide variety of power sources.
    7. Seamless integration with GHL ProFiLux Controllers.

    1. Superior Performance - Capable of producing as much light as a 400W metal halide system.
    2. Save Energy - Up to 50% versus comparable metal halide system.
    3. Low Heat - Generates a fraction of the heat of a comparable metal halide system.
    4. Long Lamp Life - Up to 10 years.
    5. Multi-Functional - Sunrise, daylight, sunset and lunar light cycles all included.
    6. Upgradeable - Modular design allows end user to increase the length of the fixture or to install the latest in LED lamp technology.

  • Choose 1, between the whiter Sol White, or Bluer Sol Super Blue

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