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Salifert Nitrate Test Kit
Salifert Nitrate Test Kit
  • Model: C-TK-SL021
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Details: When there are insufficient areas of a tank which are deprived of
oxygen (anaerobic zones) or denitrification is not taking place
properly, nitrate will build up. This can also happen in an
aquarium where the biological loading on the system is
causing an imbalance e.g. is there is excessive livestock
for the aquarium volume or over feeding is occurring.

The build up of nitrate can result in unwanted algae growth
and the slowing down of coral growth.

The nitrate concentration in a reef aquarium should be lower
than 1 mg/L, although fish only aquariums would usually have a higher

Just as with nitrite, many nitrate test kits are prone to amine
interference which can make the levels of nitrate appear much
lower than they actually are.

The Salifert test kit does not suffer from such interference and
gives accurate and quick results with a total testing time of less
than 3 minutes.

The test kit's range goes from a very low to a very high nitrate
concentration (approx. 0.2 - 100 mg/L as total nitrate).

Sufficient for 50 tests

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