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Aquarium Filtration Systems - for acrylic aquariums


Hang-on filtration - or Power filters, hang on the back of the aquarium. Recommending as an economical filter option for basic freshwater aquariums up to 100 gallons.


Canister filters - such as the Fluval series canisters, they are an easy to use solution for fresh or salt water aquariums. Advanced filtration, the is stored out of sight in the aquarium stand.


System 2 Internal Filtration - System 2 aquariums are a SeaClear original design in which the filter is built into the tank. This system allows for easy set-up and low maintenance with no external plumbing, clutter, or leaks. System 2 aquariums are ideal for fresh water use and are designed to accommodate the maximum amount of bio-media for dependability. Customers have been successful using System 2 with saltwater as well, when adding the SeaClear protein skimmer. Quiet and reliable, System 2 aquariums have added a new dimension to the hobby and set a new standard in value. Systems 2 aquariums come complete with bio-media, drip tray, powerhead pump , pre-filter sleeve, chemical cup, and returns installed at the factory. A basic fluorescent light fixture is also included.


Acrylic External Wet/Dry Filters

External Wet/Dry Filtration - or Refugium System
Four sizes of standard filters are available to accommodate any size tank from 30 to 1200 gallons. Each filter includes an ABS drip tray and lid, inlet hose, and inlet/outlet bulkhead(s). These filters are extremely simple to use and easy to clean. They're engineered for excess filter media capacity and accommodate upgrades with additional equipment due to their large sump area. These filters can also be upgraded with one of our Berlin Protein Skimming Packages as shown in the pictures below.

Refugium - bio ball media is excluded and replaced with a fluorescent light for refugium.


Wet / dry filtration systems

Wet/Dry Filter with Seaclone protein skimmer


Wet/Dry Filter with Berlin protein skimmer package


Wet/Dry Filter with Aqua Medic Berlin Package


For Saltwater Aquariums 55 gallons and less:

Sea Clone skimmer package


seaclone.jpg (395223 bytes)

For Saltwater Aquariums 55 - 150 gallons:

Reef Devil Deluxe package:

skimmerreefdevil.bmp (1620054 bytes)

For Saltwater Aquariums 150 - 300 gallons

ETSS 600 Pro package

skimmeretss600.bmp (720054 bytes)

For Saltwater Ultraquariums,  8 & 10 Footers (300 gal & up):

AquaMedic protein skimmer

fsbaquamedic2.jpg (121087 bytes)



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"They're not your typical, run-of-the-mill fish tanks...

... they are more like works of art."


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