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The newest, in new...

LED Aquarium lights, from



New Current USA - True Lumen Pro LED Strips

An inexpensive way to light any aquarium - freshwater, saltwater, reef tanks, planted tanks.

LED's last up to 50,000 hours: that's over 11 years !


LED Aquarium Lighting - These lights are very popular and selling out quickly !

The newest technology in aquarium lighting

Aqua Illumination

Earth Friendly Lighting - Saves Power


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What Kind of Lighting do I need ?

Choosing a lighting system is a combination of science and personal preference. Aquariums need certain quantities and qualities of light to perform their best, but it is also your preference in terms of aesthetics that will make up the final decision. For example, both PowerCompacts and Metal Halide are adequate for hard and soft corals, but they will look very different to your eye.

Our lighting finder provides good recommendtions based on a variety of tank sizes and the type of aquarium you are keeping or plan to keep. You must decide if you prefer the look of PowerCompacts, or Metal Halide. This is strictly a personal preference and suggest you see your local dealer or a friend who may currently be using either of these types of lighting and decide which type you prefer.




What our customers are saying ...

Acrylic Aquarium Sale:

New Lower Prices on Ultraquariums !

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Free Download Complete Acrylic Catalog


"They're not your typical, run-of-the-mill fish tanks...

... they are more like works of art."


Shipped Direct from Factory  -  BELOW Factory Suggested Prices !

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