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Marine Ready

Filtration System


Healthy Aquariums require three types of filtration: Biological, Mechanical, and Chemical. Acrylic's Reef Ready packages incorporate all three into an efficient and functional design. Excess filter capacity and high flow rates (gallons per hour) provide the ultimate in filtration while keeping maintenance to a minimum. Our Reef Ready manual makes this system simple to set up and use and our deluxe pre-filters conceal all plumbing from view. It's both functional and attractive!

The diagram below shows the dimensions of a 600 gallon Reef Ready Ultraquarium with two 6"x 6" corner pre-filters and one 18"x 5" trapezoid pre-filter. The pre-filter plumbing is hidden from view by blue or black panels.

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Now Featuring Iwaki water pumps

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   Pictured: A custom "In-wall" Aquarium,  with Marine-Ready filtration.  2 Black Over-flow pre-filters.

Marine-Ready packages:  The majority of our aquariums are available as Marine ready packages, complete with plumbed overflow boxes, wet/dry filters, bio-media, pumps, and cleaning supplies.  For a salt-water or reef tank, just say the word and we'll even include an Optional Berlin protein skimmer package (priced at $99 for smaller aquariums 50 gal and under, $350 for medium aquariums up to 150 gallons, $774 for 150-300 gallons,  or $857 on larger ultraquariums 300+ gallons), complete with pump and plumbing.  Now it's easier than ever to create simple, complete aquarium combos ready to fill with water.  Just add the Stand/Canopy of your choice and your order is complete.  It just doesn't get any easier!

Marine Ready models can be upgraded with our Berlin protein skimmer package ($99, $350, $735 depending on tank size) or AquaMedic protein skimer package ($857) for Large Ultraquariums, to optimize performance with saltwater and reef systems. The Berlin package includes a venturi style protein skimmer,  submersible pump or inline pump, and plumbing modifications to the wet/dry filter.

For Saltwater Aquariums 55 gallons and less:

Sea Clone skimmer package:


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For Saltwater Aquariums 55 - 150 gallons:

Reef Devil Deluxe package:

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For Saltwater Aquariums 150 - 300 gallons

ETSS 600 Pro package:

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For Saltwater Ultraquariums,  8 & 10 Footers (300 gal & up):

AquaMedic protein skimmer package:

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"They're not your typical, run-of-the-mill fish tanks...... they are more like works of art."


A.R.B. Distributing is an established aquarium supply

Shipped Direct from Factory  -  BELOW Factory Suggested Prices !

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