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Aquarium Selection - for acrylic aquariums

Shape & Location
When deciding on a shape for your new aquarium, it's important to consider the location in which you plan to put the aquarium. Aquariums perform best when placed away from direct or strong sunlight. You should also allow adequate room above and around your aquarium for regular access and maintenance. Outside of these general guidelines you should select a shape that looks good with it's surroundings. Our Pentagon, Quarter Cylinder, and Vista models are specifically designed for maximum viewing in a corner area. The Bow Front, Teneview, Flat Back Hexagon models look best when placed against a flat wall. Our Cylinder and Hexagon provide excellent 360 degree viewing and can also be placed in a corner or tight space. Rectangular models have always been the most popular shape and look good in virtually any location. If you have space limitations you may want to consider our Living Picture model. If you're of the opinion that bigger is better, visit our Ultraquarium page for a complete selection of extra large rectangular models. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and any of the shapes listed here can also be used for built-in applications, room dividers, or whatever looks best in your home or office. Please visit our Custom page if your unable to find what you're looking for in our standard product line.

The size of your aquarium should be determined not only by available space, but by what type of fish you plan to keep and how many. Some types of fish require more room than others. Many fish will eventually grow quite large and will require much more space than when they were young. In general larger aquariums provide a healthier, less stressful environment for aquatic animals. Larger aquariums, however, usually cost more to stock, decorate, light, and heat. It's best to plan ahead and allow your fish plenty of room to grow in order to maintain a healthy environment. If you're planning on a smaller aquarium it's important not to over crowd the tank with too many fish.

Most Acrylic aquariums are available in three different configurations: Show, Sea Clear System 2 , and Marine Ready. If you plan to use your own filtration equipment a Show aquarium is probably your best choice. Our System 2 models feature internal filtration and work well with fresh or saltwater fish when you add a SeaClear protein skimmer. Marine Ready models are designed for more demanding saltwater and reef systems. All of these configurations may be further modified with additional Filtration options to make the perfect system for you.

Stands & Canopies
Most Acrylic aquariums are available with matching stands and canopies. From classic to contemporary we offer over fifty different Stand & Canopy finishes.

From pre-filters and protein skimmers to lighting and maintenance products. Acrylic offers a great selection of Accessories and Lighting to complete your aquarium set up.

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